New Twitch Perks

Hey all! I am excited to announce that I have gained Twitch Affiliate status, meaning that viewers can now support my work via donations! Of course, you can earn badges for cheering or subscribing, but I want to provide perks beyond these. As such, I have established the following perks to begin with while I am developing Garb & Corncob:

  • 100 Bits & up – Your name in the credits of Garb & Corncob under Stream Donators; Discord role corresponding to your Bit badge
  • 1000 Bits & up – Access to donator-exclusive text & voice channels on Discord
  • Subscription (Any tier) – Access to donator-exclusive text & voice channels on Discord; Twitch Subscriber role on Discord; your name in the credits of Garb & Corncob under Stream Subscribers

I hope to add more perks as my channel continues to grow. Please keep in mind, however, that the existing perks may be changed if needed (i.e. I may adjust the minimum bits needed to gain access to exclusive channels based on user count). For more info on my streams, be sure to check out my Twitch channel!

Twitch Plans

As mentioned at the beginning of this month, I have set up a brand new Twitch channel. After a few test streams, I have decided to stick with Twitch as my livestreaming platform of choice. I currently intend to stream for roughly 2 hours each Saturday and Sunday. Saturday streams will consist of art and game development, while Sunday streams will consist of gameplay. I originally intended to have scheduled start times for each stream, but these plans unfortunately do not work with my constantly-changing college schedule.

I will be going live this weekend with avatar sketching and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 side quests! I hope you’ll join me, and I hope to see this channel grow strong!

Streaming Hiatus

I have hinted at this for the past few weeks, but the time has come to put it into an official announcement: I am going to take a break from streaming for the next month or so. The poor reception to my current streams has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to restructure how I go about streaming, but unfortunately this reception has also taken a heavy toll on my mental health. I need time to both rest and figure out a new direction to take my streams in. I would like to return to streaming sometime in late September – although this is not the definite plan –  and I will make sure to keep people updated on any changes I will be making.

Thanks for reading. I apologize for disappointing anyone with this news, but I feel that using this time for reflection and restructuring will ultimately make for better streams in the future.