Flewberry Version 1.0

As discussed in a previous post, Candle and I have decide to wrap up development on Flewberry once we reach what we feel is a good version 1.0. Welp, we have reached that point. Flewberry version 1.0 is out now. We feel that this build has the capability to stand on its own as a complete game. Thank you to everyone that tried out the game, helped out with its development, and tuned in to the livestreams! If development picks up again in the future, we will definitely let you all know!

Games Page Restructured

If you have checked this site within the past day, you may have noticed that it has changed up quite a bit. The new visual theme would be the most obvious change, but beyond that I have restructured how this site organizes my games.

After heavily promoting my itch profile during the development of Flewberry, I realized how odd it looks to have my original games displayed next to the fangames I used to develop back in high school. Upon this realization, I decided to remove my fangames from itch.io and go back to distributing them through MediaFire. Despite the platform allowing fangames and mods, I feel that my itch profile should exclusively showcase original content, as I ultimately wish to be known for my original games. At the same time, I do not wish to completely block access to my fangames, as I feel people should have the ability to see where I started on my game development journey.

Keeping in line with this separation of fan content and original content, I have split the Games page into 2 separate pages. The Portfolio page displays a list of any original games I have worked on, along with a sub-page for each game providing my role, download links, a brief description, and media. The Fangames page displays a list of any fangames I have worked on and details about each fangame on a single page. As of this post, every game in both lists is available for download through one site or another. I hope these changes will keep this site more organized and help to further push my original content as I move forward.

The Future of Flewberry

Flewberry has been out for a bit now, and I have received a good amount of helpful feedback, especially after the Kentucky Fried Pixels launch. Candle and I have spent the past few days pondering over the future of this project, and we have arrived at what we feel is a good plan.

We will continue working on Flewberry for the next week or so, fixing any remaining bugs and tweaking the gameplay until the game feels worthy of a version 1.0 release. This will mark the end of development for the time being. Due to my other ongoing projects and heading back to school in a couple of weeks, I am unable to make any commitments beyond this version 1.0 PC release.

However, come mid-September, when I will have a better idea of my school and work schedule, I may be able to come back to this project. Should that end up being the case, Candle and I will collaborate once again to create an enhanced version of Flewberry for mobile devices, something that many players have suggested to us.

I will be sure to inform people if we are able to continue developing Flewberry in the future, but for now we just want to focus on finishing up work on the content we currently have. Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to try out Flewberry for free on itch!

Kentucky Fried Pixels 2018 Bundle Out Now!

The Kentucky Fried Pixels 2018 bundle, consisting of 7 games created for the Kentucky Fried Pixels game jam, is now available to purchase! In addition to Flewberry, the game I worked on for the jam, the bundle also contains Carkour!, Shadow Siege: Rogue Island, Meow Meow Madness, Rungeon, Fragile Panic, and Kaiju Claim. For as low as a dollar, you will receive access to all 7 of these games. I hope you’ll check it out!

Be sure to also take a look at the Flewberry release trailer I created for the bundle’s launch.