Package Handler VR on itch!

Package Handler VRthe virtual reality package-handling game created for Global Game Jam 2018, is now available to download on itch!


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As you can see, the game’s visuals have significantly increased in quality since Global Game Jam. In addition, we have refined the physics, added a few models, and — as a goal for Eastern Kentucky University’s fall 2018 game jam — I added in a menu and scoreboard! So get to work and rack up those (virtual) muns!

Monkey Wrench: Intro to Computer Game Design Final Project

My final group project for my Intro to Computer Game Design class consisted of taking a design document and using it to build a working prototype. A few weeks after the initial assignment, lead designer Alex White, level designer Kenneth Fugate, programmer Mika Nelson, and I are proud to present Monkey Wrench: a puzzle game about a monkey who is also a wrench! I have added this project to the Games page, and it can be downloaded from the itch page!

Vector 2018 Recap

This weekend I attended the Vector conference at EKU. This was my first year attending the event, as well as my first time showing my work off at any conference, so I thought it’d be worthwhile to write up a recap of my experience.

Package Handler

The highlight of Vector was getting a chance to show off Package Handler, the game I worked on for Global Game Jam 2018. I’ve been working with Quinten, Christian, and Noah – our newest team member – to polish the game for Vector’s student showcase, and I think out efforts payed off. We had a great time introducing people to the technology of VR (even if it meant panic when our monitors almost took a controller to the screen), and the feedback we received will be immensely helpful as we continue to form the direction we want to take the game in.

Me being me, I wanted to create a box-themed outfit for the event. I originally thought about customizing the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, but considering it came out the day of Vector, I settled for the next best thing: a cardboard “Gundam”. Our boy Christian delivered (pun intended) with his box-collecting efforts, and I was able to create this sweet number.

Aside from demonstrating our game, I had a blast checking out what other people were showing off. The following games in particular struck my fancy, so I wanted to give them the attention they deserve.


My friend and fellow student Kyle has been working on this roguelike game since last semester, and I finally got the chance to check it out. The game puts a new spin on the term “button-mapping”: the player’s position corresponds to whatever key is pressed. This unique control scheme is admittedly a bit clunky, but there’s strong potential here and I’m excited to see where the project goes! Also, the music is banger.


This game consists of using a black hole to move objects, and it sucked me right in (pun double-intended). The experience was interesting: the challenging puzzles kept me engaged, but the simple physics-based gameplay didn’t require too much thought, leaving me in this strange state of distracted focus, where I was using part of my mind to solve puzzles while the rest of it just wandered. Strongly recommended if you’re looking for a calm yet challenging game.

Match Point

I suppose great minds think alike. This game uses a similar pull mechanic to GRAViTY, but applies it to competitive gameplay that can be described as a combination of Smash Bros., #IDARB, and Lethal League. Players maneuver around a stage, manipulating the ball via attracting or repelling forces. I can see this being a strong party game, and I’m keeping it on my radar as it prepares for a Q3 2018 release.

Attending Vector was a blast. I’m glad I got to be a part of it, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

EKU Global Game Jam 2018 Results: Package Handler

Global Game Jam 2018 has come to an end, and with that, our team has created Package Handler – a VR prototype about transmitting boxes between conveyer belts. We’re planning on developing this prototype further, as we’ve received plenty of positive feedback on it and just overall had a blast working on it.

The prototype can be downloaded here.

For those without access to VR, you can watch this gameplay demonstration in the meantime: