New Twitch Perks

Hey all! I am excited to announce that I have gained Twitch Affiliate status, meaning that viewers can now support my work via donations! Of course, you can earn badges for cheering or subscribing, but I want to provide perks beyond these. As such, I have established the following perks to begin with while I am developing Garb & Corncob:

  • 100 Bits & up – Your name in the credits of Garb & Corncob under Stream Donators; Discord role corresponding to your Bit badge
  • 1000 Bits & up – Access to donator-exclusive text & voice channels on Discord
  • Subscription (Any tier) – Access to donator-exclusive text & voice channels on Discord; Twitch Subscriber role on Discord; your name in the credits of Garb & Corncob under Stream Subscribers

I hope to add more perks as my channel continues to grow. Please keep in mind, however, that the existing perks may be changed if needed (i.e. I may adjust the minimum bits needed to gain access to exclusive channels based on user count). For more info on my streams, be sure to check out my Twitch channel!

Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch

Hey all! I’ve made a few changes to my various social media accounts, and I wanted to let everyone know what’s changed!

My Instagram username has changed from “corngamer” to “garbdev”. I’ve been meaning to change my username over there for awhile now, but I’ve struggled to come up with a good username since my own name has already been taken.

Coinciding with the Instagram name change, Corncob’s Twitter account, @CorncobTweets, has changed to @GarbDev, with me as the account’s head. Corncob’s done a good job of structuring the content output on the account, so while I am taking the wheel, I don’t intend to change what’s posted there.

Finally, I mentioned in a previous post my plans to return to streaming in late September. I’ve been wanting to test out streaming on Twitch before I bring back regular weekly streams, as I feel the platform may be a better fit for the content I am trying to produce. As such, I have created a Twitch channel! I intend to do some test streams on the channel within the next few weeks to see how everything goes over there. Announcements for these test streams will be limited to my Discord server, so join if you wish to be notified when I go live with testing!

Thanks for checking out what’s new! I’m hard at work on game development and preparing for the return of weekly streams, and I can’t wait to show people what I’ve been working on!