Countering the Odds Published

Countering the Odds, a short, interactive story about the necessity of campus counterspaces, is now available on itch! Originally created as a multiculturalism seminar group project, we’re now releasing it for all to play.

The game is still very much a prototype, with only minor revisions made to the original version we turned in. As of right now, we do not have plans to develop the project any further, but the current version should properly convey the messages we wish to share.

Play the game for free on itch!

Redeeming Nook Miles & Discussing 2021 Plans

Hey, look at that! I’m making a blog post again! Here’s a video where I discuss my 2020 projects and what I plan to do moving forward into 2021.

Here are timestamps if you’re looking for a specific topic:

Pass the Blasts – 02:27
Streaming – 04:30
The Bunnies of Vegetaria – 07:55
Rigsby’s FunTown Burger – 10:01
An Artist and An Idea – 11:31
Countering the Odds = 12:32
Adrenaline Time – 14:07
Garb & Corncob: Copyright Calamity – 14:39