Redeeming Nook Miles & Discussing 2021 Plans

Hey, look at that! I’m making a blog post again! Here’s a video where I discuss my 2020 projects and what I plan to do moving forward into 2021.

Here are timestamps if you’re looking for a specific topic:

Pass the Blasts – 02:27
Streaming – 04:30
The Bunnies of Vegetaria – 07:55
Rigsby’s FunTown Burger – 10:01
An Artist and An Idea – 11:31
Countering the Odds = 12:32
Adrenaline Time – 14:07
Garb & Corncob: Copyright Calamity – 14:39

TooManyGames 2018 Recap

I just got back from TooManyGames 2018, and boy was this year’s convention amazing. I got to hang out with old and new friends, meet the voices of Mario, Bowser, and Eggman, dab with Isabelle, and shamelessly promote myself on someone else’s YouTube channel. What more could I ask for out of a weekend?

Amid the fun events and memes, I made sure to check out the convention’s indie game showcase. Always wanting to share information about indie developers, here are some highlights from the games I tried out.


I’m a sucker for simple puzzle-platformers, so Transmogrify naturally drew my attention with its mechanic of freezing enemies and using the resulting ice blocks to traverse levels. The cartoony, Scribblenauts-esque art style and sci-fi atmosphere are a delight to look at and, while I didn’t get a chance to experience this during my playtime, the trailer shows that a number of unique death animations exist, adding some fun to the typically frustrating act of dying. With the game recently receiving full funding on Kickstarter, I’m excited to see what Odyssey Entertainment’s final product will be like!

The Island of Eternal Struggle

I’m also a sucker for comedic RPGs (hence why I’m making one right now), and The Island of Eternal Struggle looks like a promising addition to this beloved category. Placed into a rave scene where dancers acted as walls, I immediately felt EarthBound vibes, which is always a good sign to me. This familiar amusement continued when viewing the game’s whimsical character designs – ranging from a faceless warrior to a DJ wizard – and experiencing the game’s battle system, which bears similarities to Final Fantasy but requires input commands for actions, a feature that always helps me feel more engaged with an RPG. The game is currently on Steam Early Access, and I’m certainly going to check it out once my RPG backlog clears up!


Fellow game design students are always fun to chat with, and Evan Schoenberger was no exception. Representing Shippensburg University’s Videogame Development Club, he talked to me a bit about the school’s program and showed off Birdball – a physics-based game about collecting birds with balls! Up to 4 players utilize a single keyboard – a co-op option I always appreciate – to launch their balls into the air. While jumping serves as the only direct control method, players can manipulate their ball’s horizontal velocity by launching it towards slanted platforms or the rounded ceiling, adding a layer of strategy to the basic gameplay via spatial reasoning. This seems like a neat pick-up-and-play party game, and I’m hoping the concept will be fleshed out further in the future!

Thanks to everyone that made this year’s convention amazing! It was a blast, and I already can’t wait for next year!

Spring 2018 Plans

Hey everyone. My winter break ends soon, and with that I wanted to discuss the progress I’ve made since my Holiday 2017 Update and what my plans are moving forward.



As promised, I revamped the Games page to link to download pages on I feel that having individual pages for each piece of content on the page is a better method of organization.


Game Development

Progress on my turn-based RPG prototype, which I am now referring to as Project GaRbPG (thanks Chat Man), has been going well. However, I’ve lost about a week’s worth of work due to technical issues. Long story short, I got a new computer that would randomly shut down, exchanged it for a new one that did the same thing, and exchanged it again for one that had a cracked screen (these were all new-in-box). This whole fiasco wasted a week of my life, and to make matters worse I’m stuck on my 6-year-old laptop for the time being.

Despite all of this, I want to push forward with Project GaRbPG; it’ll just be slower than I’d like right now. I don’t plan on revealing this project until I am around 20% complete with it, but just know that it is being worked on.



I am taking a break from streams for a couple weeks while I get my schedule for this semester sorted out. When I return, I am going to continue with my plans to clear my Wii U backlog. This means I’ll finish the main story of Scribblenauts Unlimited, screw around with amiibo Festival, and then, as many have been anticipating, I will return to Explorers of Sky and complete the post-game.


Thanks for reading. I apologize that I am doing more telling than showing right now, but I hope to have good stuff to show off real soon!