Fangames, Mods, & Custom Content

This page lists the free fangames I have created in my spare time. These include mods, custom levels, and standalone games. I claim no ownership over the intellectual properties seen on this page. I created each project on this page for either educational or entertainment purposes.

KFCsabelle Katcher

Help KFCsabelle catch the falling KFC! I created this silly arcade game while learning the basics of Unity. Download it here.

KFCsabelle Kwest

Help KFCsabelle find all of the missing KFC! I created this satirical, bootleg-esque platformer to practice more advanced functions of Unity. Download it here.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Treasure Hunt

A printable board/card game adaptation of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, created for my Intro to Game Design class. 2 to 4 players form teams and search a dungeon for treasure. Download the assets here.

Super Mario Maker

Custom levels created using Super Mario Maker. These levels require the base game in order to play. Check them out here.


Custom battles created using Unitale, a modding engine based on Undertale. Two battles are available: ahbeef and Hank Hill.


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