This page lists the free content I have created using preexisting games. This content includes mods, custom levels, and standalone fangames. Games are ordered alphabetically, because I thought that would be more fitting for this page as opposed to ordering games by most recent. I’m just silly like that.

I claim no ownership over the intellectual properties seen on this page.


Silly, meme-packed fangames I created way back in 2016, while I was a high school student learning the basics of Unity. There are 2 games in the “series”.

KFCsabelle Katcher – Catch as much falling KFC as you can!

KFCsabelle Kwest – Travel through levels in search of the missing KFC!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Treasure Hunt

A printable board game adaptation of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon video games, created for my Intro to Computer Game Design course.

Super Mario Maker Custom Levels

Super Mario Maker 2 Custom Levels

  • Descent to the Top (F0G-Y5N-PHG)
  • Dio’s Zombie Army – JoJo Part 1 (KPG-8KM-90H)
  • Flewberry (VPT-MMC-1BG)
  • Man in the Pillar – JoJo Part 2 (M3K-D5N-9WF)
  • Mario Gets A Sunburn (YHX-Q58-2VG)
  • OwO Castle (GPL-QR1-LPG)
  • Super OwO World (D1G-RXD-QWG)
  • Super OwO World 2 (1H6-JP2-0SG)
  • The Pillar Men – JoJo Part 2 (TJ5-PJ4-8MG)

Unitale Mods