Welcome to my games portfolio! Here, you can browse the various games I’ve worked on! Games in each category are ordered newest to oldest.

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Professional Work

Rigsby’s FunTown Burger (Programmer, Artist)

Rigsby and his crew serve up food for the hungry people of FunTown!

AntiVirus: Cyber Guardian

AntiVirus: Cyber Guardian (Gameplay Programming Intern)

A unique cyberspace dungeon-crawler that uses the device’s keyboard as the map.

Personal Work

Corncob the Corndog Collects Corncobs & Corndogs (Programmer, Artist, Audio)

Collect all of the corncobs & corndogs in this 2D platforming adventure!

The Bunnies of Vegetaria (Programmer, Artist, Writer)

A brigade of four bunnies battle to reclaim their home from hungry vegetables.

The Explors: Pyramid Explorers (Programmer)

An adventurous sibling duo hunts for treasure!


Flewberry (Programmer, Artist)

A pet simulator featuring a birb, berries, and reaching new heights.

Other Work

Rutabaga Rocket (Programmer, Artist, Audio)

Turble the turbo turtle delivers Rutabaga Rockets to Rutarabbit in this fast-paced, vertical platformer! Created for Ludum Dare 53.

Mysterious Potato Dungeon (Programmer, Modeler, Narrative)

Become a Buggo and uncover the mystery of the World-Ending Potato! Created for Global Game Jam 2023.

Imma Head Out (Programmer, Artist, Audio)

Let us head into battle and harvest our enemies! Created for Ludum Dare 52.

TenSecBox (Programmer, Artist, Audio)

An all-new take on boxing! 10 seconds on the clock! Infinite rounds! Rinse and repeat until your opponent is down! Created for Ludum Dare 51.

Tony Miceroni (Programmer)

Brave monsters and traps on a quest for cave cheese in this 64×64 game. Created for LOWREZJAM 2022.

Pop Idol Fight (Programmer)

A two-player fighting game where pop idols duke it out! Created in 7 days for Week Sauce.

You will be squished. (Programmer, Artist, Audio)

You will be squished. All that you can do is delay the inevitable. Created for Ludum Dare 50.

Cornbot (Programmer, Artist)

Collect corn to re-energize Cornbot. Created in 7 days for Week Sauce.

OwO Farm (Programmer)

It’s a farm for your OwOs!

Countering the Odds (Programmer, Artist)

A short story about the importance of counterspaces on college campuses. Final project for Multiculturalism Seminar.

Squirrel Quest (Character Artist)

Two squirrels race up a tree to find a lost acorn. Submission for Global Game Jam 2021.

Adrenaline Time (Programmer)

A small prototype about collecting enough adrenaline to travel through time.

An Artist and An Idea (Writer)

A short, interactive story about an idea in an artist’s head. Final project for Writing in Games.

Zomzoms (Programmer)

A construction worker travels through mazes to repair a rogue A.I. Submission for Global Game Jam 2020.

Gift Scavenger (Programmer)

A scavenger hunt to find gifts for friends! Submission for Friendship Jam.

Iguana Dash (Programmer, Artist, Level Designer)

A circuitous racing game for 2-4 players. Submission for Train Jam 2019.

Package Handler (Lead Programmer)

A virtual reality arcade game about transmitting packages to their outgoing conveyer belts. Expanded version of a submission for Global Game Jam 2018.

Monkey Wrench (Programmer)

It’s righty-tighty and lefty-loosey in this jungle of mechanical puzzles! Final project for Intro to Computer Game Design.

Dizzy Dungeon (Programmer)

A dungeon crawler with a dizzying control scheme. Submission for igdaEKU Fall Game Jam 2017.

A Skin Disease Quiz Game (Programmer, Artist)

A 4 player quiz game about skin diseases. Project for Anatomy and Physiology.