Welcome to my games portfolio! Here, you can browse the various games I’ve worked on! Games in each category are ordered newest to oldest.

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Professional Work

Rigsby’s FunTown Burger (Programmer, Artist)

Rigsby and his crew serve up food for the hungry people of FunTown!

AntiVirus: Cyber Guardian

AntiVirus: Cyber Guardian (Gameplay Programming Intern)

A unique cyberspace dungeon-crawler that uses the device’s keyboard as the map.

Personal Work

The Bunnies of Vegetaria (Programmer, Artist, Writer)

A brigade of four bunnies battle to reclaim their home from hungry vegetables.

The Explors: Pyramid Explorers (Programmer)

An adventurous sibling duo hunts for treasure!


Flewberry (Programmer, Artist)

A pet simulator featuring a birb, berries, and reaching new heights.

Garb & Corncob: Copyright Calamity (Programmer, Artist, Writer)

A young man-child and his fan character attempt to free themselves from the shackles of copyright infringement.

Other Games

Countering the Odds (Programmer, Artist)

A short story about the importance of counterspaces on college campuses. Final project for Multiculturalism Seminar.

Squirrel Quest (Character Artist)

Two squirrels race up a tree to find a lost acorn. Submission for Global Game Jam 2021.

Adrenaline Time (Programmer)

A small prototype about collecting enough adrenaline to travel through time.

An Artist and An Idea (Writer)

A short, interactive story about an idea in an artist’s head. Final project for Writing in Games.

Zomzoms (Programmer)

A construction worker travels through mazes to repair a rogue A.I. Submission for Global Game Jam 2020.

Gift Scavenger (Programmer)

A scavenger hunt to find gifts for friends! Submission for Friendship Jam.

Iguana Dash (Programmer, Artist, Level Designer)

A circuitous racing game for 2-4 players. Submission for Train Jam 2019.

Package Handler (Lead Programmer)

A virtual reality arcade game about transmitting packages to their outgoing conveyer belts. Expanded version of a submission for Global Game Jam 2018.

Monkey Wrench (Programmer)

It’s righty-tighty and lefty-loosey in this jungle of mechanical puzzles! Final project for Intro to Computer Game Design.

Dizzy Dungeon (Programmer)

A dungeon crawler with a dizzying control scheme. Submission for igdaEKU Fall Game Jam 2017.

A Skin Disease Quiz Game (Programmer, Artist)

A 4 player quiz game about skin diseases. Project for Anatomy and Physiology.