This page lists answers to any Frequently Asked Questions I receive.

Will you make a video about _____?

I currently only create videos for promoting my game development projects. I no longer create skits and animated parodies, and I have no intention of returning to such content.

Will you stream _____?

If you have a suggestion for games or other content for me to stream, I am more than happy to listen. However, I cannot guarantee that I will accept a suggestion. Please do not make the same suggestion more than once.

Can I be a moderator for your YouTube streams, Discord, etc.?

I currently do not have a need for any moderators beyond my close friends. Should the need arise, I will ask for additional moderators, but I will not accept users that seemingly desire the title for attention. Please do not ask for a moderator role unless I am specifically requesting it.

What programming languages do you use?

I currently use C# in Unity. I also have experience with Lua, GML, C++, and JavaScript.

What program(s) do you use for _____?

I’ve used multiple different programs for different purposes, so below is a table listing them all.

Purpose Currently Use Have Experience With
Game Design Unity; Unreal Engine 4 GameMaker: Studio; Construct 2
Video Editing Sony Movie Studio Pinnacle Studio; Adobe Premiere; Windows Movie Maker
Animation Toon Boom Studio Alice
Art and Graphic Design Paint.NET; ArtRage Studio Adobe Photoshop
Live Streaming Streamlabs OBS OBS Studio