This page lists answers to any Frequently Asked Questions I receive.

Will you make a video about _____?

While I am open to suggestions for videos, I cannot make a video for every request I receive. I try to get back to people who suggest ideas for videos, letting them know whether or not I’ll consider them, but please be aware that asking multiple times will NOT increase the chances of me using your suggestion.

Can I be a moderator for your YouTube streams, Discord, etc.?

I currently do not have a need for any moderators beyond my close friends. Should the need arise, I will ask for additional moderators, but I will not accept users that desire the title simply for attention. Please do not ask for a moderator role unless I am specifically requesting it.

What programming languages do you use?

I currently use C# in Unity. I also have experience with Lua, GML, C++, and JavaScript.

What program(s) do you use for _____?

I’ve used multiple different programs for different purposes, so below is a table listing them all.

Purpose Currently Use Have Experience With
Game Design Unity; Unreal Engine 4 GameMaker: Studio; Construct 2
Video Editing Sony Movie Studio Pinnacle Studio; Adobe Premiere; Windows Movie Maker
Animation Toon Boom Studio Alice
Art and Graphic Design Paint.NET; ArtRage Studio Adobe Photoshop