Little Cuties & AntiVirus

Hey all! If you have browsed the site recently, you may have noticed 2 new projects added to my portfolio! As I am preparing to attend the Game Developers Conference, I wanted to open the lid on some of the stuff I have been hard at work on this semester!

First off, Candle, who I worked on Flewberry with, is back for another pet simulator, titled Little Cuties: Your Virtual Best Friend! We can’t reveal much just yet, but know that the game is being worked on!

Second, I’ve added info and links for AntiVirus, the game I’ve been working on as part of an internship with Round Table Studio. The game is a dungeon crawler with a unique twist: your keyboard corresponds to your in-game position! At the time of this post, a demo for a much earlier build is available, and we intend to have a new, polished demo available soon!

Games Page Restructured

If you have checked this site within the past day, you may have noticed that it has changed up quite a bit. The new visual theme would be the most obvious change, but beyond that I have restructured how this site organizes my games.

After heavily promoting my itch profile during the development of Flewberry, I realized how odd it looks to have my original games displayed next to the fangames I used to develop back in high school. Upon this realization, I decided to remove my fangames from and go back to distributing them through MediaFire. Despite the platform allowing fangames and mods, I feel that my itch profile should exclusively showcase original content, as I ultimately wish to be known for my original games. At the same time, I do not wish to completely block access to my fangames, as I feel people should have the ability to see where I started on my game development journey.

Keeping in line with this separation of fan content and original content, I have split the Games page into 2 separate pages. The Portfolio page displays a list of any original games I have worked on, along with a sub-page for each game providing my role, download links, a brief description, and media. The Fangames page displays a list of any fangames I have worked on and details about each fangame on a single page. As of this post, every game in both lists is available for download through one site or another. I hope these changes will keep this site more organized and help to further push my original content as I move forward.

Spring 2018 Plans

Hey everyone. My winter break ends soon, and with that I wanted to discuss the progress I’ve made since my Holiday 2017 Update and what my plans are moving forward.



As promised, I revamped the Games page to link to download pages on I feel that having individual pages for each piece of content on the page is a better method of organization.


Game Development

Progress on my turn-based RPG prototype, which I am now referring to as Project GaRbPG (thanks Chat Man), has been going well. However, I’ve lost about a week’s worth of work due to technical issues. Long story short, I got a new computer that would randomly shut down, exchanged it for a new one that did the same thing, and exchanged it again for one that had a cracked screen (these were all new-in-box). This whole fiasco wasted a week of my life, and to make matters worse I’m stuck on my 6-year-old laptop for the time being.

Despite all of this, I want to push forward with Project GaRbPG; it’ll just be slower than I’d like right now. I don’t plan on revealing this project until I am around 20% complete with it, but just know that it is being worked on.



I am taking a break from streams for a couple weeks while I get my schedule for this semester sorted out. When I return, I am going to continue with my plans to clear my Wii U backlog. This means I’ll finish the main story of Scribblenauts Unlimited, screw around with amiibo Festival, and then, as many have been anticipating, I will return to Explorers of Sky and complete the post-game.


Thanks for reading. I apologize that I am doing more telling than showing right now, but I hope to have good stuff to show off real soon!

Holiday 2017 Update

Hey everyone! Wanted to provide some updates on current projects and info for my plans this holiday season.



I’ve been hard at work revamping this WordPress to be more presentable and better fit my needs. I’ve revamped most of the pages and the site layout, as well as utilized WordPress’s blogging functionality (which is how you’re reading this, obviously). I currently still need to revamp the Games page, and what I’m planning on doing is having links to download pages on other sites like as opposed to sub-pages within this site.


Game Development

Over winter break, I plan on developing a prototype of a short turn-based RPG. Should this go smoothly, I will continue development throughout next semester. I want to use this project to build management experience; I want to start planning development schedules for my games as well as hire others to help out with art and music, and I feel a small project like this one will be a perfect way to gain this experience. I’m not going to reveal specifics of this project yet, so stay tuned for more info!



With finals coming up, I’m not sure how much I’ll be streaming for the next couple of weeks. I plan on streaming Scribblenauts Unlimited this weekend, but beyond that I’m not sure if I’ll have time for anything else before finals are over. Over winter break, I want to finish up Banjo-Kazooie and Teen Titans on stream. I’d also like to stream a playthrough of a new game if I have time, but I haven’t decided what that’d be. Feel free to check my Grouvee shelves if you want to recommend anything I should play.


So yeah, this is what I’ve got coming up. Thanks for reading, and in case I forget, happy holidays!