Redeeming Nook Miles & Discussing 2021 Plans

Hey, look at that! I’m making a blog post again! Here’s a video where I discuss my 2020 projects and what I plan to do moving forward into 2021.

Here are timestamps if you’re looking for a specific topic:

Pass the Blasts – 02:27
Streaming – 04:30
The Bunnies of Vegetaria – 07:55
Rigsby’s FunTown Burger – 10:01
An Artist and An Idea – 11:31
Countering the Odds = 12:32
Adrenaline Time – 14:07
Garb & Corncob: Copyright Calamity – 14:39

Chill Update To Study/Relax To

I haven’t been doing my usual stuff for awhile, so here’s a long, chill update video to watch explaining what’s been going on and what’s going to happen!

If you don’t want to listen to me ramble for thirty minutes, then here’s the highlights:

  • A lot of stressful events have occurred within the past half-a-year that led me to experience heightened panic disorder symptoms and creative burnout (which I have since recovered from).
    • I decided to take a gap semester before transferring colleges later this year.
    • I was involved with a confidential project that currently holds an unknown fate.
    • I had a panic attack when I last streamed game development, which led to unhealthy avoidance behavior.
    • I got diagnosed with a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics, which indirectly heightened my anxiety.
  • I’m going to work on one or two small games to fully get myself back into the gamedev mindset.
  • I’m going to start streaming again, starting tomorrow! I will be experimenting with schedules to see what works best for me.
  • Garb & Corncob: Copyright Calamity is still happening, but it’s on hold for now while I work on the aforementioned smaller games. I will most likely rewrite the game’s code as well as redesign the battle system, while carrying over existing art and story elements.

Whether you watch the video or read the blog post, thanks for listening to what I have to say and keeping up with my stuff! Tis much appreciated!

GDC 2019

Hey all! Here’s a quick, week-long overdue post about games from Train Jam & GDC 2019!

First off, during Train Jam, I partnered with the awesome SirKawaine and Jorge Vazquez to create Iguana Dash, a 2-4 player racing game about iguanas! Check it out!

Iguana Dash was just 1 of 109 other Train Jam projects. Definitely give the page a look and try out anything you may find interesting!

While at the Game Developers Conference, I got to meet several talented – you guess it – game developers. I’ve compiled as many of their games as I could into a handy list, so be sure to check it out and support these awesome people!

Kentucky Fried Pixels 2018 Bundle Out Now!

The Kentucky Fried Pixels 2018 bundle, consisting of 7 games created for the Kentucky Fried Pixels game jam, is now available to purchase! In addition to Flewberry, the game I worked on for the jam, the bundle also contains Carkour!, Shadow Siege: Rogue Island, Meow Meow Madness, Rungeon, Fragile Panic, and Kaiju Claim. For as low as a dollar, you will receive access to all 7 of these games. I hope you’ll check it out!

Be sure to also take a look at the Flewberry release trailer I created for the bundle’s launch.

TooManyGames 2018 Recap

I just got back from TooManyGames 2018, and boy was this year’s convention amazing. I got to hang out with old and new friends, meet the voices of Mario, Bowser, and Eggman, dab with Isabelle, and shamelessly promote myself on someone else’s YouTube channel. What more could I ask for out of a weekend?

Amid the fun events and memes, I made sure to check out the convention’s indie game showcase. Always wanting to share information about indie developers, here are some highlights from the games I tried out.


I’m a sucker for simple puzzle-platformers, so Transmogrify naturally drew my attention with its mechanic of freezing enemies and using the resulting ice blocks to traverse levels. The cartoony, Scribblenauts-esque art style and sci-fi atmosphere are a delight to look at and, while I didn’t get a chance to experience this during my playtime, the trailer shows that a number of unique death animations exist, adding some fun to the typically frustrating act of dying. With the game recently receiving full funding on Kickstarter, I’m excited to see what Odyssey Entertainment’s final product will be like!

The Island of Eternal Struggle

I’m also a sucker for comedic RPGs (hence why I’m making one right now), and The Island of Eternal Struggle looks like a promising addition to this beloved category. Placed into a rave scene where dancers acted as walls, I immediately felt EarthBound vibes, which is always a good sign to me. This familiar amusement continued when viewing the game’s whimsical character designs – ranging from a faceless warrior to a DJ wizard – and experiencing the game’s battle system, which bears similarities to Final Fantasy but requires input commands for actions, a feature that always helps me feel more engaged with an RPG. The game is currently on Steam Early Access, and I’m certainly going to check it out once my RPG backlog clears up!


Fellow game design students are always fun to chat with, and Evan Schoenberger was no exception. Representing Shippensburg University’s Videogame Development Club, he talked to me a bit about the school’s program and showed off Birdball – a physics-based game about collecting birds with balls! Up to 4 players utilize a single keyboard – a co-op option I always appreciate – to launch their balls into the air. While jumping serves as the only direct control method, players can manipulate their ball’s horizontal velocity by launching it towards slanted platforms or the rounded ceiling, adding a layer of strategy to the basic gameplay via spatial reasoning. This seems like a neat pick-up-and-play party game, and I’m hoping the concept will be fleshed out further in the future!

Thanks to everyone that made this year’s convention amazing! It was a blast, and I already can’t wait for next year!

Vector 2018 Recap

This weekend I attended the Vector conference at EKU. This was my first year attending the event, as well as my first time showing my work off at any conference, so I thought it’d be worthwhile to write up a recap of my experience.

Package Handler

The highlight of Vector was getting a chance to show off Package Handler, the game I worked on for Global Game Jam 2018. I’ve been working with Quinten, Christian, and Noah – our newest team member – to polish the game for Vector’s student showcase, and I think out efforts payed off. We had a great time introducing people to the technology of VR (even if it meant panic when our monitors almost took a controller to the screen), and the feedback we received will be immensely helpful as we continue to form the direction we want to take the game in.

Me being me, I wanted to create a box-themed outfit for the event. I originally thought about customizing the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, but considering it came out the day of Vector, I settled for the next best thing: a cardboard “Gundam”. Our boy Christian delivered (pun intended) with his box-collecting efforts, and I was able to create this sweet number.

Aside from demonstrating our game, I had a blast checking out what other people were showing off. The following games in particular struck my fancy, so I wanted to give them the attention they deserve.


My friend and fellow student Kyle has been working on this roguelike game since last semester, and I finally got the chance to check it out. The game puts a new spin on the term “button-mapping”: the player’s position corresponds to whatever key is pressed. This unique control scheme is admittedly a bit clunky, but there’s strong potential here and I’m excited to see where the project goes! Also, the music is banger.


This game consists of using a black hole to move objects, and it sucked me right in (pun double-intended). The experience was interesting: the challenging puzzles kept me engaged, but the simple physics-based gameplay didn’t require too much thought, leaving me in this strange state of distracted focus, where I was using part of my mind to solve puzzles while the rest of it just wandered. Strongly recommended if you’re looking for a calm yet challenging game.

Match Point

I suppose great minds think alike. This game uses a similar pull mechanic to GRAViTY, but applies it to competitive gameplay that can be described as a combination of Smash Bros., #IDARB, and Lethal League. Players maneuver around a stage, manipulating the ball via attracting or repelling forces. I can see this being a strong party game, and I’m keeping it on my radar as it prepares for a Q3 2018 release.

Attending Vector was a blast. I’m glad I got to be a part of it, and I’m already looking forward to next year!