Games Page Restructured

If you have checked this site within the past day, you may have noticed that it has changed up quite a bit. The new visual theme would be the most obvious change, but beyond that I have restructured how this site organizes my games.

After heavily promoting my itch profile during the development of Flewberry, I realized how odd it looks to have my original games displayed next to the fangames I used to develop back in high school. Upon this realization, I decided to remove my fangames from and go back to distributing them through MediaFire. Despite the platform allowing fangames and mods, I feel that my itch profile should exclusively showcase original content, as I ultimately wish to be known for my original games. At the same time, I do not wish to completely block access to my fangames, as I feel people should have the ability to see where I started on my game development journey.

Keeping in line with this separation of fan content and original content, I have split the Games page into 2 separate pages. The Portfolio page displays a list of any original games I have worked on, along with a sub-page for each game providing my role, download links, a brief description, and media. The Fangames page displays a list of any fangames I have worked on and details about each fangame on a single page. As of this post, every game in both lists is available for download through one site or another. I hope these changes will keep this site more organized and help to further push my original content as I move forward.

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