Welcome to my site! I’m Alex Garbus, an independent video game developer located in Kentucky. This site serves as a hub for all of the game projects I’ve worked on. Check out my super cool highlight reel!

Wondering what I actually look like? Here you go! I’m the one on the right, just in case you couldn’t tell. This photo is from 2017, but it’s the best photo I have of myself so… yeah. I don’t look too different now. Just imagine this version of me, but with more facial hair and less head hair.

I also livestream! Come say hi if I’m live over on my Twitch channel!

That’s pretty much it. I make video games and I livestream. Not much else to put here. I guess I can add that I collect silly hats, but that’s not very interesting.

This is getting awkward. Just go check out my Games page. There’s plenty of info to explore over there.